Day 3 - Hamburg

We awoke in Berlin for a third or maybe fourth time; it was beginning to be hard to tell. After a quick Brotchen run, we went to see the Wall which is a mere three blocks from Robert's store. The wall seems pretty emasculated in 2011. It's hard to put oneself in that point in history and feel what Germans felt back then. Then we walked around for a bit, marveling at all the dogs running around off-leash; very cool. Black Kites rode the S-Bahn into Alexanderplatz and walked around a bit. I believe a picture of Tom holding Karl Marx's hand was taken. It's posted above. Anyway, after all this touristy schnick-schnack we jumped in the van and hit the autobahn which was choked with traffic. The German countryside looks like Ohio/Indiana and Vermont/New Hampshire blended together. The best of what America has to offer!

Eventually we rolled into Hamburg and up to the squat we performed in; Rote Flora. Now I've played some punk-ass muddafuckin' places in my days, but never as punk as this. I think I took a picture or two, I'll show y'all later. You can google that if you want, it's crazy. It's also funny that it's in the middle of a neighborhood that's experienced extreme gentrification, so you have all these swank cafes surrounding a massive, crumbling, graffiti-covered, punk squat.

We played with American friends 1994 and Algernon Cadwallader which was neat. The show was fun and I think we felt pretty darn good about the performance. Then we slept in a beautiful apartment in the red-light district.

Nijmegen today; it'll be Operation Market Garden all over again.


  1. It´s the hand of Friedrich Engels, mate. But he was the bff of Marx, so what. ;)
    Your set in Berlin was cool. Is there a story why you guys don´t have a bassist?

  2. Your show in 'De Onderbroek' in Nijmegen was fucking awesome! Have fun touring Europe...