Karlsrühe, Deutschland

First of all, shout outs to two Germans who we gave the blog address to last night. Sorry we forgot your names! Enjoy the tunes!

So anyway last night was a bigger show with The Carrier and All Teeth from the US. It was definitely not our typical show, but we still had a lot of fun. Lukas made some excellent vegan schnitzel that we ate all of. I think that the audience enjoyed Jeff's onstage humor and I was told that my onstage German isn't too bad. All in all a good time. Thanks to Marco and Max for putting us up and making Frühstuck for us.

In Nürnberg now, Jeff and I hard-styled on Hitler's podium. You know, the one from Triumph of the Will? Pictures later.


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  1. You should have sworn off English for the tour and gone immersive. Kidding.