Day 2

We overslept by quite a lot. It rained heavily in Berlin today and, while it's a welcome change from 107 degree days, I do prefer a little sunshine. Today was all business; we picked up our backline, our van, and played our first show of tour.

1. Our van is a late model Mercedes Sprinter. Robert apologized for it being "kind of crappy". I'm all like, "motherfucker please! Have you seen the shit I usually tour in?" It has power windows!

2. Our backline is pretty siqq.

3. 80 people came to our show and we got paid hundreds of euros. People apologized to us for it being poorly attended... European DIY is truly a different world.

Even though I was playing a show in a foreign country, many people I knew showed up. Matt from Swallowed Up rolled in with a small crew that included our friend Mascha from Bochum. I ran into this dude Ralph who I met in about 2004. The world is a truly small place. It's strange that seeing people that you know from elsewhere can cause such excitement and wonder. Tomorrow we actually leave Berlin and start a run of 20 shows all over Europe. I can't wait.

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