Black kites, DAAC, grand rapids michigan, 8/31/10

Oh, and by the way:

Our Tour 2010

Well friends and fellows, we are home from tour. Or, at least, two of us are. I'm still on the road with Zann. But since tour is finished I thought it a good idea to do a wrap up of sorts. For me, personally, tour was perfect start to finish. People came to all the shows, we played with good bands, people supported us and Zann by throwing us some bills, I got to eat great food, I got to spend time with some good friends and make some new ones... All in all, a total success. 

I was in a very bad way, emotionally the day I left, and by the time I went to sleep that night in Bethlehem I felt on top of the world. Touring can be tiring, boring, and stressful, but I can't imagine doing anything else with my time. And these days, I only seem to be happy when I'm on the road. 

So let's move on to the shoutouts and whatnot: 

-Chris and Monica Z for being such great, supportive people. For letting 9 people stay at their house for three nights. For feeding us copious amounts of great food. 

-Michigan for being such a solid state. I got to see Rorick, Jeremy, Oily Menace dudes, Ryan, Alex, and other good people. GR was a great show, the show of tour for me. Please please checkout this band: Cloud Rat

-Niko and the New Yorker and Chicago.

-Dave and Protestant.

-Alex and Grin and Bear it.

-James Downing.

-Derek Black.

And of course to anyone who bought something from either of the bands or came and watched or said they enjoyed our set, it really does mean the world.