Nurnberg, Darmstadt, Muhlheim, Ieper

So it's been awhile since we had reliable access to internet AND time in which to write an update; apologies. The past few days have been pretty excellent and we're stoked to be hanging in Europe. Nurnberg show was in a massive old building that was part of the medieval city wall. Thanks very much to our new friend Verina for putting us up in her apartment and letting us hang hard.

Darmstadt was in a massive old mansion that was donated to the punx by a generous old lady, or so the story went. We finally got to play on a floor again and shredded hard. Copious amounts of food was made available to us which we were grateful for.

Muhlheim was in an AZ (autonomous zone aka squat) and was awesome. The space was cool and the food was incredible! The chef (who's name I forgot) even gave us a bunch of Apfelkuchen to take on the road. I love tour. That night found us back at Rik's in Antwerp. Love that guy.

Tonight was Ieper. We played on a big stage in front of a ton of people. Other cool bands like Touche Amore and Soul Control played as well. Many heavy hangs were had, new friends made, Jeff pitted to Sheer Terror and Strife (who were awesome, by the way).

It kind of goes without saying that we're having the time of our lives here and don't want to stop. Europe, on the whole, has been super supportive and generous to us. It does make the US seem amateurish in a lot of ways... not to be too critical of my home, but there's something incredibly refreshing about spending time in a place where people aren't entirely burnt out and jaded. No need to dwell, life is good.

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