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So, we also went to the UK which was pretty exciting. We had to take a ferry over the English channel to get there and pretend we didn't now each other (fuck the border). I got to see the famed cliffs of Dover which were, indeed, white and tall. We drove to Brighton and I got to see my good pals Marcos, Rosie, and Eli. We played in the upstairs stage room of a pub and the show was great. Many thanks to promoter Jay for putting it together.

The next day we drove north to Manchester which, frankly, reminded me a bit of Manchester, New Hampshire... still, the show was cool and many thanks to Thom for putting it together. We stayed in a cool punk house with people from all over the UK and the world. I had fun talking philosophy and life with Eli and a British version of Derek Ludovici. We also learned a lot about Finnish life from some ladies who also happened to be crashing there. Finland sounds pretty EFFING cool.

London was the next day and was our best show in the UK; lots of people came out and we played pretty darn well. We saw the sights of London "Japanese style" as Robert says (jump out of the van, take picture, jump back in van). Then we stayed up way too late while Jeff showed videos of himself wrestling to some Brits. Their commentary was hilarious.

The next day we were off to the Channel tunnel where we drove onto a train, took the train under the channel, and then drove off in France. All in all it took 30 minutes; pretty darn impressive. We headed over to Antwerp in Belgium where we met up with our pal Rik who booked us a cool gig. Played with Millions of Them (Rik's band) and then stayed in his BALLER apartment. Seriously, it was beautiful. Today we walked around Antwerp which is a beautiful city with Rik, Hans, and Elise and took in the sights. It was our first really touristy day of tour. I am posting to this now from an old bomb shelter in Aachen, Germany where we will play tonight. Life is cool right now.

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