Aachen, Deutschland

Last night we played in an old air-raid shelter in the middle of Aachen that has been transformed by the punx into an "Autonomous Zone", aka a punk venue/hang-out center. Our friend Mark from Trainwreck (best band) booked the show and did a great job taking care of us. We were fortunate enough to play with Millions of Them again.

Other friends who we met in Nijmegen traveled down to Aachen to hang out and see the show which I thought was pretty cool. Shout outs to Jake and Curtis and Sasha and Jurven.

Tour moves smoothly forward and we are all still having the time of our lives. Every show has been rewarding in one way or another and we've met many, many friendly, supportive people.

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Jay. There have to be more fans than me following this.