Leipzig, Hohenstein-Ernsthal, and finally home

After waking up in Dresden and eating a very casual breakfast with our brave promoter, Bjorn, and some other Conni-ites, we set a leisurely pace for Leipzig. You see, tour was almost over and we were in no hurry to go anywhere fast. Germany welcomed us back by raining a bunch, but that did not stop us from going for a refreshing swim in the Markkleeberger See. There were some naked shenanigans, but they were quickly silenced by Robert's food rage. In order to calm him we headed for Zoro, a squat that happens to have a super-nice vegan restaurant. Now, I lack the kind of epicurean feelings for food that many punks have, but the restaurant, Zest, served some truly incredible stuff. We ate, all in all, far too much, but what the hell; tour.

Finally we strolled over to the venue, located in another sizable squat. There we ate even more incredible food, loaded in, and hung out. 200 people ended up coming out to see Ghostlimb and Black Kites including our old pals from Zann. I thought the show was fantastic and had fun hanging out. Shout outs to my Zann dudes, the cooks, and Leo.

The next morning we headed back to the Markkleeberger See where things were decidedly more sexy than the day before. Europe is weird like that some times. Then we ate at Zest, again. It was great, again. Then we headed to our last show on the top of some mountain in the middle of nowhere. It felt distinctly like an Ohio Agricultural Fair. But we played and had fun and then tour was over. Then we barely went to bed and spent a bunch of time in planes, etc... But that's unimportant.

Tour was incredible. Thanks to all the friends we had before that helped us and all the friends we made who helped us. Y'all were too fucking kind. We love you. Let's hang out again!

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  1. glad black kites is gettin around, look forward to the split release show (8/28?), just need an address for gnar city!