Day 1

We met at JFK airport in the afternoon and prepared ourselves for the coming journey. Jeff said something exceedingly funny in line for the security checkpoint which I have now forgotten. Tom paid about 8 million dollars for a first class seat while Jeff and I had to suffer in the back of the plane. We did not sleep. We ate the most pathetic excuse for a "strictly vegetarian" meal that I've ever tasted. So it goes.

Then we finally got to Berlin where Robert met us in his Lamborghini. We had trouble fitting all of our bags inside, but we finally managed and Robert took us to HCHQ in Berlin, Bis Aufs Messer. There I sampled the new Black Kites//Convulsions split LP and it looks and sounds fantastisch!I was happy to hold it in my hands. We also met and hung with The Ghost Limbs. They seem like a fine group of people.

Lessons learned so far; my German is worse than it was last time I was here. Vegan Pizza in Berlin, don't do it. Things start in earnest tomorrow when we pick up unser Touringmaschine.

Enjoy the picture of our, "very casual hang." as Colman would say.



  1. Robert's Lamborghini? Does he have an LM002 or are you kidding? Dan shaved his head for Europe--nice touch. And it was right into the video games!

  2. I was kidding; he does have a very nice Volvo 850 T5 though.