Summer Plans

Greetings friend,

Well things around the Black Kites farm have been fairly active; after a slow winter, we've reengaged ourselves by recording a new record, playing some great shows in and around the tristate, and honing our skills for the big BK Euro Adventure 2011.

Speaking of that new record, here's the low-down. We are releasing a split LP with Rhode Island's prodigious sons Convulsions. I have heard their material for this split and it is some of the most inventive and bizarre hardcore I've heard in a long time. Comparisons are almost always a waste of time, but Botch, Neurosis, and Converge all come to mind when listening. Our side of the split is my favorite material of ours to date and you may sample two of those songs at our bandcamp, HERE.

Before we head to Europe for our three weeks with Robert and Ghostlimb, you may see us play a fantastic all-day show in Asbury Park; yes it's true, it's RTF Fest again and this one's even bigger and wilder. The lineup speaks for itself, I think:

See you on the road friends,

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