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I was sitting around in my living room with Rob today and he mentioned that he had set up a blogspot for Zhenia Golov in an effort to avoid myspace. I was, in a word, inspired. This is a blogspot for the New Jersey band Black Kites. It will function a lot like the blog thing that's on our myspace. I'll also put some songs up as well, if I can figure it out. 

March 5, 2009 we are playing in New Brunswick with our good friends Fleshtemple and Seasick and Divisions who are on tour from Florida. Fleshtemple are some of my favorite dudes around and they'll be releasing their first 7", which is a certified rager, at this show.

March 6, 2009 we are playing in Clifton with our good friends Fleshtemple and Troublemaker. The venue is called Dingbats. I hear bikers hang there, so come in (faux) leather.

March 14, 2009 we are playing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with Sinaloa who are on tour. I think it should be a good time. I'll update this when I figure out where it is in Lancaster we're playing.

March 15, 2009 will be our record release show in Pine Brook with a bunch of cool bands. It's at the Gardensk8 skate park. It's an excellent venue and I hope a lot of people come out. We'll have our records available of course. There are probably 40 or so of the clear left. I think that we will have some kind of record release cover available. We will also have t-shirts available for the first time in our nearly year long existence as a band. 

In the works: new songs for various planned splits, maybe some more shirts, new covers, etc...


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